Scenarios at work

Read how past participants have used the learning from the programme in their organisations.

Laura Papet

'In France we think of scenarios as quantitative methods, measuring and trends analysis but the Oxford approach is about understanding and learning - looking at factors that influence the sector and the environment.'

PMP Conseil

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Christian Visdomini

'I use 'scenarios thinking' all the time, and it has been enormously helpful for my clients.'

CEO, Change Group

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Graham Colls

'The most important idea I took away from the programmes was that it is possible to be rational about something that is unknowable.'

Chief Executive, Magna Housing Group, UK

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Prashant Singh

'My learning of Scenarios gave me a good handle to analyse the scenarios of climate change impacts on the Himalayas, and to assess the gravity of the situation.'

Founder and CEO, Himalayan Climate Initiative, Nepal

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Colette Marshall

'We saw it as a culture-change process as well as a strategy process.'

Director of Operations, Diabetes UK

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Andres Spokoiny

'Scenario work prepared us for the Latvian meltdown.'

Director, American Joint Distribution Committee, France

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Samira Rhoods

'We needed an innovative method to engage across our organisation and prepare for an uncertain future'

Market & Competitive Intelligence Manager, BMJ

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