From Miss Hong Kong to the Women's Leadership Alliance committee

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I'm Cecca, originally from Guangzhou China, and I made the move to the United States at the age of 12. My journey led me to the University of Michigan, where I pursued Finance and later delved into Investment Banking at Bank of America post-graduation. Alongside my finance career, I'm a certified bartender, a passionate Salsa dancer, a published book author and a model.

I take pride in fearlessly challenging stereotypes, especially within the finance sector. From clinching the title of Miss Hong Kong & International Goodwill 2022 in the international pageantry scene to publishing my autobiography, Memoirs of a Girl on Wall Street’, I've made it my mission to break barriers and inspire others to do the same.

My time on Wall Street ignited my passion for converging diverse perspectives, a drive I'm eager to refine during my MBA at Oxford. Before diving into my MBA, I had the incredible honour of serving as Miss Hong Kong 2022, participating in various charity and social events. It was during this time that I came to realize the vastness of our world and the importance of pushing myself out of my comfort zone for growth and greater open-mindedness.


Oxford's MBA program aligns perfectly with my long-term goals, placing a significant emphasis on impact and entrepreneurship. It's here that I see the potential for amazing collaborations, especially for the startup company I co-founded. The prospect of joining a diverse community with classmates hailing from 63 countries is exhilarating and promises to broaden my cultural perspective.

I'm eager to deepen my understanding of the finance world through the Finance Lab and various courses at Oxford. Additionally, taking on the role of Head of Corporate Development within the Women's Leadership Alliance committee is a responsibility I hold with great enthusiasm. It presents a valuable opportunity to further gender inclusion within the Oxford community. Furthermore, I'm excited to be a part of the Asia Club and Oxford Salsa Society. This involvement not only allows me to develop my dancing skills but also serves as a platform to promote cultural heritages.


Through these channels, my aim is to foster gender inclusion and cultivate a diverse community at Oxford, making a meaningful contribution during and after my MBA. Looking forward to this incredible journey!

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