Choose the Oxford MBA, choose the experience

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The Oxford MBA is not like any other MBA program - uniqueness is the very essence of Saïd Business School and the University of Oxford in general. With a class representing 64 nationalities and almost 50% female colleagues, the school is a true beacon of diversity to the world. The ethos of Oxford history is embedded well into Saïd Business School, making it stand apart and a truly magical experience.

A few weeks into the program I can say three things about the course:  

  1. The school has a lot to offer, you need to choose. The first two weeks of MBA, called Launch, are super helpful to learn about all the amazing learning opportunities that the school has to offer. There are various pathways such as Impact, Consulting, Global Industries, among others which students can choose to get specialised in. Various labs such as Finance Lab, Impact lab and more further help build the skillset required for the ‘dream job’. 
  2. We just don't believe in impact, we live it each day. Impact is a part of our everyday conversation. No matter whether we are eating lunch at the school café or having a case discussion with our professor, the impact of any strategy/action is always in the back of our mind. Even if we don't pro-actively think about it, the values of the School instil that impact is important through our words and actions.
  3. The Career Development Centre is rooting for your success. I have had multiple interactions with the Career Development Centre over the last few weeks - so whether it is getting guidance on what you should be doing, on learning how to ace the CV game or practise casing for the interviews, the careers team will go above and beyond to help you succeed. You can trust in them. 

Pro-tips for any prospective student planning to apply this year:

  1. Oxford Saïd is very interested to learn about you - reflect on your story well
    Think about that story that makes you special and different from others. Reflect on your life from an external perspective and identify what makes you unique and what is it that you want to do that can make you unique. Oxford Saïd is genuinely interested to know who you are and wants to see your true self.
  2. Talk to current students and alumni
    Research is the most important part of the application process. The most impactful way is to talk to current students and alumni. They will be your north star to learn about what the school offers and what your potential experience at the school can look like.
  3. Don't hesitate in applying, just press the 'Submit' button
    Every application is special for the admission committee. Don't ever feel your application or story is not good enough. Give it a try, you might be here next year.

Trust me - Oxford really is a living Hogwarts. If you like Harry Potter, you will love your Oxford Experience. (Well, you will love it otherwise too).

If you have any questions about the Said Business School, University of Oxford, feel free to write me.