Strengthen research


We support world leading researchers on climate related projects and create partnerships across departments.

Priority development areas

The School's research strategy outlines our commitment to pursuing research in areas that are critically important to the future of business. This includes research related to sustainable development, particularly issues aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Decisive decade: Organising climate action 

This significant piece of research, maps the full ecosystem of global climate change organisations for the first time. It helps organisations to understand how they can best contribute – what roles they can play and how to amplify their collective impact. It also suggests how they can best work together to overcome fragmentation across business, civil society and government and achieve meaningful change.

Mobilising a movement of movements

This project aims to create a 'movement of movements' that mobilises the collective impact needed to drive meaningful systemic change. In the first ‘Movement of movements’ map, the research team reviewed and visually organised over 40 climate action movements based on their location, size, sustainable development goal focus and movement strategy. The maps identify where there is clear alignment between movement and there are benefits from working together.


Renewable, Innovative and Scalable Electrification

An international research project led by Dr Aoife Brophy, which concluded in 2020 and aimed to design integrated, actionable and transferable development strategies for the local renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa.