The Decisive Decade: Organising Climate Action


Together with Mission 2020, the School has released a report which maps the full ecosystem of global climate change action.

Whilst momentum to stem the climate crisis reached a turning point in 2020 and is accelerating, the movement of nonprofits, funders and businesses engaged in climate action remains fragmented. This report suggests how these organisations might better work together in order to drive what its authors call 'catalytic collaboration.' This involves bringing together organisations that focus on different aspects of climate change and offer different types of solutions related to nature, health, sustainable development and economic justice from different sectors of the economy and different regions of the world.

The report is part of a deep, two-year inquiry into the future of climate action commissioned by Mission 2020, which is a five-year climate action campaign convened by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres. It was developed with seminal input from some of the world’s leading organisations and movements working to address the climate crisis.

Lead authors

This report - based on the collective intelligence of so many who are dedicated to driving real change - provides critical guidance for how we can be more impactful and effective together.

Christiana Figueres

co-founder of Global Optimism and convenor of Mission 2020