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Navigating turning points


Humans@Centre, 2024

Saïd Business School and EY study reveals leaders prioritising a human-centred approach to transformation turning points are up to 12x more successful.

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The future of transformation is human


Humans@Centre, 2022

Prioritising emotions is the key to success for business transformation, groundbreaking Saïd Business School and EY research finds.

Download the full 2022 Humans@Centre report ‘The future of transformation is human’.

Our exploration of transformation performance continues

This research project that the Oxford Saïd and EY teams have undertaken is not a one-off activity. We have continued our phase 1 collaboration by recruiting a global group of companies to delve into specific elements of transformation in greater detail.

To supplement their research reports the two project leads, Andrew White from Oxford Saïd, and Adam Canwell from EY, created a podcast miniseries - Transformation Leadership -  which is an extension of Andrew’s successful Leadership2050 podcast. The guests on the podcasts span both geography (Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the US) and industry (manufacturing, retail, financial services, mining, consumer goods).


In the first series of Transformation Leadership2050 in 2022 they explore the emotional journeys of five global leaders and their workforces as they successfully navigated their organisations through significant organisational change. 

In the new series of Transformation Leadership2050 in 2024 they uncover the critical turning points for five global leaders during the transformations they led, and discuss how they identified them and ensured their projects stayed on track.  

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