Human-Algorithm Interaction Lab

We blend human intuition and algorithmic precision to pioneer the future of decision-making.

Driven by the quest to unlock unparalleled business value, we bridge the gap between data's vast potential and real-world applications. Explore with us as we navigate the intricate dance of human-AI collaboration, shaping the next wave of advancements in service systems and beyond. Join our journey to redefine the possibilities of tomorrow.

About us

Dr. Kejia Hu
Dr. Kejia Hu

In the realm of technological innovation, the Human-AI Interaction Lab stands as a beacon of progress, driven by a profound commitment to harmonise the best of human intelligence with the precision of artificial intelligence. Founded on the belief that the future of problem-solving lies in the symbiotic relationship between humans and algorithms, our lab is dedicated to uncovering insights that drive revolutionary advancements in business and society.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Kejia Hu, our team embarks on research that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering an environment where curiosity meets data-driven discovery. Our work, recognised globally for its depth and impact, leverages the DEFI (Data, Exploration, Findings, Impact) approach to not only answer complex questions but to question the answers we've grown accustomed to.

Our journey, marked by collaboration with industry giants and celebrated in academic circles, is fuelled by the desire to make meaningful contributions that resonate beyond the lab. It's here, at the intersection of inquiry and innovation, that we invite you to join us in reimagining the future.

Research themes and projects

Our research is anchored in the deep exploration of forecasting and human behaviour within service systems, revealing the nuanced dynamics between individuals and algorithms. Central to our investigation is the acclaimed Jointown case study, exemplifying the delicate balance of algorithmic sophistication with managerial foresight. This case underscores the critical importance of strategic thinking, incentive design, and team organisation in achieving seamless human-algorithm collaboration.

Expanding horizons

Our inquiries extend into various sectors, each highlighting the unique interplay between computational power and human intuition:

  • Consultancy: merging computational recommendations with executive decision-making.
  • Healthcare: enhancing diagnostics with AI, complementing clinicians' expertise.
  • Manufacturing: streamlining operations through algorithms, under human oversight.
  • Sales Planning: enriching algorithmic forecasts with sales team insights.

Transformational imperatives

Our research advocates for a holistic reimagining of business landscapes:

  • Repositioning human roles to amplify AI's potential.
  • Redesigning business processes for enhanced algorithmic integration.
  • Rethinking business models to foster synergy between human effort and artificial intelligence.


Our work, recognised in academic and corporate spheres, benefits from collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, offering rich, real-world insights. Its significance is further highlighted by inclusion in top-tier MBA case repositories and acclaim in numerous public-speaking engagements.

News and events

Latest achievements:

  • 2024: Invited as 'Senior Editor' for Production and Operations Management - Service.
  • 2023: Recognised with a 'Rising Star' Award at QUIS for outstanding contributions to service operations studies.
  • 2023: Honoured in Poets and Quants 40 under 40 Best MBA Professors.

Upcoming events:

  • Human-AI interaction workshop: An upcoming event aimed at fostering dialogue and innovation in the field of human-AI collaboration. View event page.


We invite your engagement with our pioneering work in human-algorithm interaction. Whether you're seeking collaboration, wish to delve deeper into our research, or have queries, we welcome your communication.

Connecting with us opens avenues for shared insights and advancements in the field of human-algorithm interaction. We look forward to hearing from you.