Annual awards

Our annual awards recognise and reward significant scholarly contributions to the literature on corporate reputation.

There are two awards: Best Published Paper and Best Dissertation. Each is worth £1,000 and includes a funded trip to Oxford to attend the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation annual Reputation Symposium in August/September. To be eligible for the Best Paper award, a full-length paper must have been published in an ISI-indexed, peer-reviewed academic journal. Contact us to find out more about the awards.


Past winners

Best Paper

2016 - Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland Rust and Harald van Heerde for 'Brand buzz in the echoverse', Journal of Marketing 80: 1-24

2015 - Michael K. Bednar, Matthew Kraatz and E. Geoffrey Love for 'Paying the price? The impact of controversial governance practices on managerial reputation', Academy of Management Journal 58 (6): 1740-60

2014 - Y. Sekou Bermiss, Brayden King and Edward Zajac for 'Under construction: How commensuration and management fashion affect corporate reputation rankings', Organization Science 25 (2)

2013 - Scott D Graffin, Jonathan Bundy, Joseph F Porac, James B Wade and Dennis P Quinn for 'Falls from grace and the hazards of high status: The 2009 British MP expense scandal and its impact on Parliamentary elites', Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol 58, Issue 3, 2013

2012 - Jean-Philippe Vergne for 'Stigmatized categories and public disapproval of organizations: A mixed-methods study of the global arms industry, 1996-2007', Academy of Management Journal 55 (5): 1027-52

2011 - Yuri Mishina, Emily S. Block and Michael J. Mannor for 'The path dependence of organizational reputation: How social judgment influences assessments of capability and character', Strategic Management Journal 33: 459–477

2010 - Michael D. Pfarrer, Timothy Pollock and Violina Rindova for 'A Tale of Two Assets: The Effects of Firm Reputation and Celebrity on Earnings Surprises and Investors' Reactions', Academy of Management Journal 53 (5): 1131-52

2009 - Tillmann Wagner, Richard J. Lutz, Barton A. Weitz for 'Corporate Hypocrisy: Overcoming the Threat of Inconsistent Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions', Journal of Marketing, Vol. 73, No. 6, pp. 77-91


Best Dissertation

2016 - Georg Wernicke, Assistant Professor in Management at Copenhagen Business School, for 'Media disapproval of CEO compensation: Determinants and consequences'.

2015 - No award was made in this year.

2014 - Jonathan Bundy, Assistant Professor of Management and Organization at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University, for 'Reputations in flux: Examining how a firm’s multiple reputations influence reactions to negative violation'.

2013 - Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Assistant Professor at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, for her research into the strategic responses of the organizational targets of contentious social movement attacks.

2012 - Anastasiya Zavyalova, Assistant Professor, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, for 'The benefits and burdens of high reputation during disruptions: The role of media reputation, organizational identification, and disruption type'.

2011 - Jointly awarded to: M. Abrahim Soleimani, Eastern Washington University, for 'Essays on corporate reputation: Antecedents and consequences' and to Dominik Breitinger, HEC Lausanne, for 'Global challenges for global companies: A trilogy of essays on anti-firm activism, reputational damage and political responsibility'.

2010 - Christine Falkenreck, University of Kassel, for 'Impact on Reputation and Reputation Transfer in International Direct Marketing – Empirical Research in Five B-to-B Markets'.