Skoll Randomised Coffee Trials

Coffee meeting between two people

Do you feel like you could do with a bit more serendipity? Are you keen to connect with other impact changemakers within the Oxford ecosystem?

How does it work?

Oxford is a magical place to meet fascinating people. Our aim is to help you make connections with other changemakers within the Oxford ecosystem.

That’s why we are launching our Randomised Coffee Trials to help you meet a potential co-founder, mentor or life-long friend.

Each month, everyone who signs up will be sent the name of another randomly-chosen changemaker. Pairs can arrange a brief informal meet-up at a time that suits both parties – be it a coffee face to face, or a Skype call, Google Hangout or phone call if that’s not doable.

We run them every month with an opportunity to meet and connect with a different person each time. There are no rules – they should be viewed as a fun opportunity to connect with peers. If scheduling means that you can’t meet that month, then it’s OK.

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