Global perspectives

You will tackle the themes of globalisation and complex decision-making during the core and elective modules delivered in Oxford and outside of the UK. The international modules help participants understand the landscape in which businesses operate to be able to mitigate risks and seize opportunities worldwide.

'Global rules of the game' examines the interface between global rules and global business strategy.  It aims to equip you with analytical tools and frameworks to help formulate and implement effective global strategies for a dynamic global business environment.

'Business in emerging markets' will be delivered outside of the UK. You will spend time in an emerging market, with a choice of locations in Asia or South America. You will gain an understanding of the rapidly changing market and non-market environment and examine the implications of these changes for both foreign and local businesses.  

You also have the option of choosing to study electives outside of the UK. Elective locations vary, but have previously been offered in Palo Alto, USA, and Cape Town, South Africa. You will combine intensive study with visits to companies, group presentations, and lectures from faculty, government and industry leaders.


EMBA participants in Mumbai

Business in emerging markets: India case study

This module has previously taken place in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. 

It provided participants with the opportunity to examine how globalisation is affecting the scope of corporate strategy and activity and to consider how to formulate and implement effective strategy in a shifting global landscape.

There are two broad themes that were addressed throughout the module:

  1. corporate diplomacy to shape the business environment
  2. challenges of doing business in emerging markets

Rather than simply reading and discussing the challenges of doing business in India, participants witnessed the challenges first-hand. Combining classroom activities with company visits and guest speakers.

    Seeing and living the real India, through company visits and local tours, was incredible. As I work in Brazil from time to time, this experience in India made me realise how each emerging market is different and how the ‘rules of the game’ are different.

    Elena Mariotti

    Manager; EALA Digital Service Lead, Accenture

    International electives

    In the second year of study, Oxford Executive MBA students can choose from a range of elective modules.

    Two of these electives typically take place internationally, for example:

    • Palo Alto, USA: Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Cape Town, South Africa: Inclusive Business in Africa

    Entrepreneurial finance: USA

    Develop an understanding of how early stage ventures are financed.

    Learn to look through the lens of the investor. This does not mean the module is not equally relevant to those who want to be entrepreneurs – all the issues that the VC cares about, the entrepreneur has to care about, whether they want to or not.

    The module is held in the Silicon Valley, California and is taught by Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance, and Allen Morgan, an active early-stage investor, the Managing Director of the Idealab New Venture Group, and a Venture Advisor at Mayfield Fund, where he was a Managing Director for 12 years. It includes selected guest speakers to learn directly from people and businesses in the local area.

    We had a very rich week of learning in Palo Alto. Ultimately, one of the greatest challenges facing venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is putting a value on a business idea and what returns each should be entitled to in the event it becomes a huge success.

    Per Magne Sviggum

    Co-Founder, EyesClear

    Inclusive business in Africa: South Africa

    Explore the use of innovation, inclusivity and social responsiveness in emerging markets.

    Held in Cape Town, the module looks into the realities of doing business with a particular focus on the continent of Africa.

    Previous classes have visited such businesses and sites as:

    • Philippi Village
    • Barclay’s Fin Tech accelerator
    • Zoona Mobile Money
    • Somms Delta vineyard

    GOTO: Global opportunities and threats Oxford

    The GOTO initiative is an action-oriented problem-solving community geared towards addressing some of the most complex issues the world faces today.

    Students, alumni and faculty can connect via this online platform to discuss, debate, and drive new business ideas that address international issues. The GOTO community addresses problems across generations, across nations and across business sectors.

    Past topics have included:

    • Demographic change
    • Big data
    • Water management and markets
    • The future of work

    GOTO is integrated within the Oxford Executive MBA programme through a range of broader activities that are open to current students, alumni, and the larger Oxford community. We collaborate with the Blavatnik School (the new School of Government), the Institute for Climate Change, the Institute of Ageing, the Internet Institute and others.

    Student blogs


    For an authentic insight into the experiences of attending the international modules, read the participants' posts on our blog.



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