Programme outline


The diploma combines the highest standards of academic rigour with a practical approach to strategy and innovation.

Led by Tim Galpin, the programme is based on four intensive modules in the areas of strategy, innovation strategy, international business and strategy execution.

You can currently choose to apply to one of two available cohorts. You must be able to attend all of your chosen cohorts module dates



Stream one 19–22 January 2022
Stream two 9–12 March 2022

  • Competitive strategy
  • Strategy in complex organisations
  • Decision-making analysis
  • Strategy processes
  • Advocating for strategic change

Innovation strategy

Stream one 20–23  April 2022
Stream two 15–18 June 2022

  • Emergent markets and technologies
  • Thinking entrepreneurially
  • Partnering for innovation
  • Strategies to sustain innovation
  • Tools to capture value

Globalisation and strategy

Stream one 20–23 July 2022
Stream two 21–24 September 2022

  • Global trends
  • Successful expansion strategies
  • Managing the global value chain
  • Global value creation: adding value scorecard
  • Strategies for capturing global value

Strategy in action

Stream one 19–22 October 2022
Stream two 30 November–3 December

  • Building organisational capabilities
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Reshaping business models
  • Tools for implementation
  • Delivering success


Diploma in Strategy and Innovation graduation

Modules one, two and three are assessed by remote, open-book exams. Module four is assessed by an extended assignment related to your organisation or industry.

Study commitment

Note pad and pen

Participants are expected to complete the allocated pre-reading prior to each module.

Previous participants have estimated that the study commitment of the programme is approximately 5–8 hours per week for the duration of the diploma.