Job market candidates and placements

Job market candidates

Find out more about our doctoral students currently on the job market.

Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson

Job market paper title: 'Structural Collapse Through De-delegation:The interplay between formal and informal elements during organizational change.' (Draft coming soon).


Read Deborah's CV, profile and personal website.

Xuan Wang

Xuan Wang Profile Picture

Interests: International finance, macro-finance, financial intermediation, asset pricing, macroeconomics.


Job market paper: 'When Do Currency Unions Benefit From Default.'.


Read Xuan's CV, profile and personal website.


Doctoral students, 2019

Peter Zimmerman - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland - Senior Analyst

Astrid Van de Bossche - Goldsmiths - Lecturer in Marketing


Ji Yan - City University of Hong Kong - Assistant Professor

Timotius Kasim - Bristol University - Lecturer

Ilona Mostipan - Analysis Group

Heli Helanummi-Cole - Saïd Business School - Policy Fellow

Yuni Wen - Saïd Business School - Teaching Fellow 

Anna Custers - World Bank





Placement institutions

Thatcher Business Education Centre

Below are a number of institutions that alumni of the DPhil programme are placed:

Cornell University



Imperial College London


Penn State University

University of Warwick