Remember yourself before, as you will not recognise yourself afterwards

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Choosing to study the Oxford Executive Diploma in Financial Strategy at Saïd Business School was one of the most impactful decisions in my life. Here are four reasons why:

The diploma programme has made a demonstrable difference to my career

Whilst I’ve only recently completed the four modules, I can already see that the Diploma in Financial Strategy has broadened my professional horizons, sharpened my decision-making skills and advanced my strategic thinking. It has even helped me to structure my existing knowledge in a way which will continue to add value to my organisation and stakeholders. It’s this takeaway that I’ve found to be the most surprising – that no matter how much knowledge and experience you have in finance or strategy, there is something new to learn here on this diploma.

I haven’t just learnt theories; I’ve learnt how to apply them to add greater value

Whilst studying the diploma, I was struck by how the teaching and programme structure was carefully designed to cover both the theory and how to apply it to practical cases and challenges. Given my background in finance, I felt well-equipped with the professional knowledge that I had when I began the programme. However, I didn’t realise at the time just how many new practical frameworks and approaches I would learn thanks to the synergy between the best academic minds and my highly accomplished, diverse cohort peers in the room. Even topics I was familiar with were discussed through so many perspectives, as well as different geographical and industry lenses.

The cohort diversity has greatly expanded my global professional network

Studying alongside such accomplished peers from all over the world was an honour and a transformative experience for me. I must admit that, at first, I had some doubts about whether I would fit in amongst such brilliant individuals! I met fantastic people who are not only super professional, but open and supportive to helping one another to get the very best out of the programme. We learnt so much from each other, directly sharing our experiences in different fields and countries and best practices for the common challenges we faced. I have gained so many real business connections as well as lifelong friendships as a result.

I have become part of the global Oxford community

Ask anyone who has studied at Oxford and they will tell you just how special it really is. Since beginning the programme, I’ve joined the Oxford community in my country, made new connections with fellow ‘Oxonians’ and even attended several special black-tie dinners at the colleges. Everything at Oxford makes the learning experience highly unique and invaluable.

My time studying at Saïd Business School can be summarised in one phrase: ‘world class’. I have advanced my knowledge thanks to the incredible world-leading faculty and my exceptional cohort peers from all over the world. I have explored new, challenging ideas, developed lifelong friendships, studied hard and solved real-world problems whilst enjoying a healthy dose of fun and the magic of the Oxford experience. Studying the Executive Diploma in Financial Strategy has offered me the chance to grow internally and prepare for the next steps in my life, with the privilege of doing so alongside accomplished peers who are also eager to change the world in their own way.

Oxford Executive Diploma in Financial Strategy