A letter to my two-year-old son

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Dear Benjamin,

Over the next two years, Daddy is going to school again. Just like you, Daddy feels edgy and uncomfortable each time I pack and make plans for a week-long trip away from you.

It's not been easy, choosing to do this. I battled emotionally on what it means to the family and what it means as a dad. Even now, every flight I take away from home is difficult. Yet in life, we weigh with imperfect knowledge what is beneficial now versus what is beneficial for our future and our family’s future and we make a choice.

A wise man once told me: 'Our lives are made up of a series of choices'. No one knows where it leads to, only on hindsight do we see God’s divine set up within.


Daddy's school is full of remarkable people. These individuals have shaped the world that we live in. Some through their new inventions, others through their understanding about life and its meaning.

In making history, they also made it possible for future generations to build upon their accomplishments and continue the legacy they created.

Like the night sky illuminated with little stars, each of these remarkable individuals still twinkle and glow through our lives today.

Behold these people, they've cast their light

Upon our world, a shining sight

Look up and see the sky aglow

Each star a person we've come to know.

Some blaze like fire, bright and bold

Their presence clear, their stories told

While others shine, though small and meek

Their light still bright, a glimpse we seek.

In every shape, in every form

Their brilliance shines, a gentle storm

Each one a gift, a glowing gem

Guiding us all, like a diadem

- ChatGPT


In Daddy’s class, I am also joined by talented and capable people from a multitude of countries. These individuals are humble and generous and carry with them great personalities.

They have come here with the same aspirations as those who came before them and represent a new generation of dreamers and doers, each with their own unique brilliance, yet united by a shared goal - to make an impact.

Standing in the midst of giants, I can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and amazement.

Son, you never know what tomorrow brings, keep dreaming and keep shining. Don’t stop believing that tomorrow can be better than today. Keep believing.

Seek wisdom and get understanding.

Be the bigger man even when others can’t.

Be kind and generous to those around you, those things have their way of finding themselves back to you.

I am super proud of you.

Love, Dad


Executive MBA