Studying at Oxford: a childhood dream realized

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At ten years old, I decided to pursue a graduate degree, and my experience at Oxford has far surpassed those childhood visions.

Living in Japan during the 2011 tsunami/earthquake/nuclear meltdown ignited my interest in supply chains, after supporting challenges in supplying aid in the tsunami aftermath and witnessing the resulting economic disruption. After an undergraduate degree, I pursued a career in consulting, improving supply chain processes for large manufacturing clients. An Oxford MBA is giving me time to reflect on my career and strategize for a future aligned to my values. It also gives me the opportunity to create unique adventures with my growing family. 

I arrived in Oxford with a three-year-old and two-month-old. Figuring out travel documents for our newborn, let alone housing, childcare support, healthcare, and social support was no small logistical feat. The earlier you start these processes, the easier it is to navigate. I reached out to several student families from prior MBA cohorts who helped direct us to people, processes and places that we needed to set up before arriving in Oxford. (Please reach out if you need advice!) Joining Green Templeton College was particularly helpful for us, which not only has convenient and spacious housing for multi-child families but also a welcoming and social network of other student families.

My MBA cohort has also been exceptionally kind to this nervous parent, her partner and her two children. My three-year-old had a lovely time at our family-friendly Diwali and Eid celebrations, and even joined me on stage at our MBA Tournament pep rally! My youngest joined me (usually snuggled up and asleep) at club and team meetings but also enjoyed park walks with MBA friends and meet-ups with other students’ children. One of the (many) highlights of our experience thus far was a road trip to Wales; four MBA families stayed together in a 400-year-old Welsh farmhouse and spent the weekend hiking and exploring castle ruins.

Studying at Oxford is magical. There is something uniquely moving about studying in the same libraries of the movers and shakers of history. For students like me who are looking for inspiration, reflection and a family adventure, I am convinced there is no better place. 

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