Expanding my knowledge of global business at Oxford Saïd

3 minute read

In 2020, with over 25 years of experience with a global accounting firm, I began thinking about where I was in my career and what I wanted to learn for the future.

As a client service Partner working with Canadian based global companies, I felt I needed more formal learning in global business to take my skills to a new level. I was interested in a programme that combined rigour with a flexible learning delivery that would accommodate my busy work schedule.

I began looking at what was available at business schools in North America and the UK and I was intrigued by the Oxford Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business because of the delivery structure, the curriculum and expectation that the class would be very diverse with participants from all across the world.

I have always been a lifelong learner, but it has been a while since I experienced formal classroom-based learning at university level, with assessments and a final integrative assignment. I approached the beginning of the programme with much enthusiasm and some trepidation.

What I have discovered at Oxford has simply been amazing! The curriculum was just what I was looking for and my knowledge and skills have expanded greatly. It has changed the way I look at the world of global business and has provided me with tools that I can use to bring value to clients and to my own firm. Just earlier this morning, I was discussing, with a client, specific concepts that we covered in module three as it relates to how the ‘shocks’ of the past 2-3 years have impacted their supply chain and the risk management strategies they have had to develop to ensure sustainability and profitability. I was very happy with the insights that I was able to bring to the conversation based on what I have learnt at Oxford.

While the programme has been challenging, it has also been incredibly rewarding. I am so grateful to the exceptional professors who delivered interesting and relevant content, challenged me to apply models and frameworks to real-life cases, and expanded my thinking about how to approach complex issues such as mergers and acquisitions, global risk and reputation, corporate diplomacy and doing business in emerging economies.


I have also been very fortunate to be part of an incredible cohort of colleagues with diverse backgrounds and experience who have also contributed so much to my learning during my year at Oxford. They have taught me so much about global business. Many have become great friends to me and will be for life.

I have really enjoyed the Oxford experience. The facilities and support team are above and beyond first-class and I feel privileged to have been in this learning environment.

Making the decision to apply to this programme has been one of the smartest career decisions I have made. I have been professionally and personally enriched and wherever my career takes me in the future, my Oxford experience will help guide the way.