Oxford Future of Major Programme Management Conference 2022

The cutting edges

The global biennial conference for major programmes and large-scale projects.

Major programmes are the way we shape our environment to cope with its challenges and optimise its potential.  

Spanning wide-ranging activities including energy, healthcare, defence, space, water, sanitation, food security, social programmes, transport and IT, major programmes are defined by their complexity, large scale and transformative impacts on multiple stakeholders.  

Our focus for 2022 conference was 'the cutting edges' – defining the extremes of new and innovative major programme ideas and research, and their potential for impact in practice.  

The Conference provided a unique forum to exchange ideas, research, contacts and opportunities by drawing together academics, practitioners, policy makers and students. 

Each day had a distinct theme:

  • 17 May - Defining the cutting edges 
  • 18 May - The social cutting edge - impact and stakeholders.
  • 19 May - The technological cutting edge - research and application of technology in major programme management 

The event recordings are available on our YouTube channel