Season five


The team

The production team behind season five of the Future of Business podcast is made up of MBA students in the 2022/23 cohort.

Katherine Dellar


I'm extremely interested in the future of business as I am determined to ensure that the future is more socially and environmentally sustainable. I'm an Australian diplomat, trade negotiator, and lawyer who's worked in London, Geneva and Canberra. I've come to the MBA to learn everything I can about the world of business and how we can change it for the better.

Having big-picture and in-depth conversations with my classmates is one of my favourite activities in Oxford, so I'm looking forward to recording some of these and putting them out into the world.

Susheel Siram


The business world is at an inflexion point in its arc. Climate change, digital technologies, and sociopolitical changes are all pushing the traditional levers of business in new directions. I’m a management consultant who specializes in commercial aviation. But I’m using the MBA to take a step back and get a more holistic view of the future of business.

The most profound insights I’ve heard during my lifetime have been through podcasts. I’m hoping we can replicate that through the Future of Business podcast and the engaging conversations we hope to facilitate on it.

Sandhya Sridhar


I grew up in India and am an engineer by education and an analyst by profession, having worked with financial institutions such as Citi and HSBC.

I believe in the power of storytelling, and leaders use this power to influence, teach and inspire. This drew me to join the Future of Business podcast team. Being a podcast junkie myself, I want to make sure there is something for everyone. I can’t wait to engage in some thought-provoking conversations with our brilliant classmates and guest speakers to inspire listeners to become a leader in everything they do.

Jordan Zele


My first experience with podcasts came when I co-hosted a radio show during my undergraduate degree in Sydney. The show was resoundingly unsuccessful, but I found the opportunity to dive deeply into interesting topics particularly rewarding.

Since then, I have sought conversations that explore nuance. This search has driven my professional career, where I have undertaken research and advisory work in the US, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Italy, Thailand, and now the UK. The Future of Business podcast provides the perfect opportunity to continue to pursue conversations that help untangle the world around us.

Cornelius (Leye) Makanjuola


I’m an ambivert generalist whose real skill is spotting and exploiting business opportunities. When I’m not doing MBA stuff at Saïd Business School, I have a day job as the Founder of Intense: one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. I love following pop culture, predicting trends and curating memes.

I’m looking forward to bringing a unique twist to the Future of Business Podcast and helping it reach as many people who are keen on business and innovation.

Juliet Zhu


Before moving to Oxford, I was a finance professional in Canada with over 6 years of experience in the banking industry with expertise in debt structuring, credit risk, and relationship management.

I have been a keen consumer of podcasts on topics that range from politics to lifestyle to mysteries, and I am excited to be part of the MBA podcast team to further expand my horizons and share the interesting stories of our future business leaders.

Angus Macdonald


I am a born and raised Capetonian who loves everything and anything to do with nature and the outdoors. Before coming to Oxford, I worked in the financial services industry, bridging the gap between finance and data at some of the largest financial institutions in South Africa.

In my spare time, I like to code non-sensical projects or relax with a good book. I am excited to be working with this amazing team and can’t wait to bring a unique flavour to this year’s podcast!