Engaging with the Humanities Initiative

Exploring what it means to be human and act responsibly in business and society.

Engaging with the Humanities has made Oxford a hub for academics and practitioners from both the business and humanities spheres. It provides a space for them to draw on their diverse experiences and knowledge and to discuss new ways of addressing complex global issues, including the challenges of inequality, climate change, and diversity and inclusion.


A business school should be drawing on all of the knowledge of a university in terms of thinking about the purpose of business, the values that underpin it; and should be drawing on the humanities ... and the sciences

Professor Colin Mayer

Economics of Mutuality Forum, September 2020


Collaborating with scholars at the intersection of the Business and Humanities disciplines is producing innovative research and cutting-edge insights with wide-ranging impact.



Learning from the Humanities is woven into our teaching on the MBA programme and in executive education, as well as many other programmes and courses.

MBA electives

Executive Education programmes

The humanities do an effective job at telling stories of leadership in the past, exposing and contrasting different styles of leadership as well as drawing lessons for how ‘humanness’ can be used to lead both ourselves and others.

Khayalethu Makhubu

MBA student