Terri Duhon

Terri Duhon

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Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
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Terri Duhon is the Non-Executive Chair of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd. 

She is also on the board of Morgan Stanley International as a Non-Executive Director and chair of the Risk Committee; on the board of Rathbones plc, a FTSE 250 UK Wealth Manager as a Non-Executive Director and chair of the Risk Committee and also on the board of Wise plc, a global fintech as a Non-Executive Director.

After graduating from MIT in Maths, Terri started her career at J.P. Morgan and spent ten years working as a derivative trader. In particular, she was part of the team which developed the credit derivative market globally, as documented in Fool’s Gold. Later Terri became an entrepreneur and started a consulting business where she led expert witness teams in unwinding some of the more complex products from the credit crisis.

She has been on the Board of CHAPS Co, the Board of Operation Smile and was a founding member of the Women’s Leadership Group for the Prince’s Trust. She is the author of How the Trading Floor Really Works


Terri Duhon teaches on the MBA and MSc in Financial Economics programmes. This includes teaching on an eight-week experiential trading strategy course where students create equity, debt and foreign exchange exposures and mark them to market for six weeks. Students run Var and scenario analysis on the portfolios with and without leverage, and then identify two trade strategies using derivatives and propose those trades based on risk return analysis. 

Terri contributes to the Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme, an immersive online modular programme exploring the methods and opportunities to harness technology for effective trading stragies.  

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