Judith Stroehle

Judith Stroehle

Postdoctoral Researcher

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Judith's work focuses on systems of non-financial measurement, examining their impact on social standards, corporate practices, innovation and investment strategies.

Judith is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Saïd Business School and works within the Mutuality in Business project. Coming from a background of economics and sociology, she is especially interested in examining the measurement and meaning of social, economic and governance corporate outcomes and the impact and effectiveness of companies’ activities which aim at long-term / sustainable strategy.

As part of the Mars-funded Mutuality in Business project, Judith’s current research is focussed on capturing the impact of multiple capital accounting systems on management practices, processes and organisational mechanisms and how these tie into firm performance and success. She is further involved in projects focussed on public disclosure (integrated reporting, intangible asset disclosure, etc.) and the importance of board engagement with Prof. Robert Eccles. In a related interest, Judith looks at elements of social construction in the measurements of ESG, Non-Financial Metrics and non-GAAP earnings and examines the links between non-traditional accounting, disclosure, and practice (i.e. OKRs). Judith also has an interest in understanding how measurement and progress tracking of non-financial targets can lead to innovation and impact entrepreneurial activity.

Additionally, Judith collaborates in projects which examine the economic impact of social certification in the export sectors of emerging economies (esp. Asia and Latin America) and effectiveness of corporate governance mechanisms in global supply chains. These trajectories build on Judith’s dissertation work in her DPhil in Economic Sociology (University of Milan, Italy), where she – in cooperation with the ILO’s Better Work Programme and the Fair Labor Association – examined the external (institutional) and internal (governance) conditions of effectiveness of labour regulating multi-stakeholder institutions (MSIs) in global value chains. In this work, she also extensively engaged with the problems of social audits and related systems of monitoring.

Judith achieved her MA and BA in sociology and economics from the University of Bamberg in Germany and Bishop’s University in Canada. Before re-entering academic research, Judith worked in the industry as an International Relations Manager and acted as a consultant for companies on projects surrounding strategic corporate analyses, predictive modelling and sales intelligence.

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