Judith Stroehle

Senior Research Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Judith's work focuses on how companies and investors construct and implement measurement systems for long-term value creation, impact assessment and responsible business behaviour.

Judith is the research and programme lead of the Oxford Said Initiative on Rethinking Performance (ORP) at Saïd Business School, which engages in empirical research and concept development in the area of cost-based sustainability measurement and accounting systems. Previously a researcher at the Mars-Oxford Mutuality in Business project, she comes from a background of economics and sociology and is especially interested in examining the construction and meaning of non-financial measures and their impact on the effectiveness of companies’ and investors activities which aim at long-term and sustainable value.

In ORP, Judith works with a consortium of companies and investors around questions of how to conceptualise and measure new forms of long-term value creation, and how to integrate these into current forms of performance measurement. Modern, prudent and long-term oriented companies and investors need to understand and demonstrate how they create (and destroy) value beyond financials. In other words, consider how profit is earned, not just how much is earned.

Judith further collaborates in projects which focus on the problems related with social auditing, monitoring and assurance, the impact of social certification (such as SA8000) and the effectiveness of global governance mechanisms in addressing grand challenges. This work builds on her dissertation (U Milan, Italy), where she – in cooperation with the ILO – examined the institutional and governance conditions of effectiveness of labour regulating multi-stakeholder institutions in global value chains.

Judith achieved her MA and BA in sociology and economics from Germany and Canada. Before re-entering academic research, she worked in the industry as an International Relations Manager and acted as a consultant for companies on projects surrounding strategic corporate analyses, predictive modelling and sales intelligence.

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Judith’s research focusses on the measurement, methodology and reporting of environmental and social issues as a means to further the implementation of corporate purpose.

Current research projects focus on cost-related sustainability accounting systems, assurance of NF reports and social auditing, governance and corporate purpose and ESG integration and engagement practices.


  • ESG and Non-financial Measurement
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Social and Environmental Accounting
  • Social Auditing
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability
  • Global Supply Chains


Judith actively engages with companies and investors around topics of non-financial measurement, implementation of purpose and creation of long-term value. Current research partnerships exist with, for example, Hermes EOM, Aegon Asset Management and Mars, Inc.

She additionally engages with NGOs and other institutional organisations on questions of standardisation and assurance. The Economics of Mutuality Foundation, the Value Balancing Alliance and the Impact Management Project are important partners in this space. Judith also offers trainings in the area of 'ESG for investment managers' and 'ESG for corporate reporting.'


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