Jonas Frey

Jonas Frey

Doctoral Candidate


Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Jonas started his DPhil in Finance in 2017 and is supervised by Pedro Bordalo.

Prior to starting his doctorate, Jonas received a Master of Arts in Banking and Finance from the University of St Gallen. In his master’s thesis, he examined whether behavioural finance education is linked to a reduced impact of cognitive biases on decision-making.


Jonas‘ research interests are behavioural and experimental economics. He currently works in 3 areas

1. Biases in expectation formation

2. Horizon dependent risk preferences

3. Salience theory of choice under risk

Many of Jonas’ research projects utilise experiments. A sample of his experiments can be found on his personal website.


Jonas has taught tutorials in finance courses for undergraduates and executive diploma students. He has also given workshops on developing economic experiments for students and faculty members.