Javier Amaya Silva

Javier Amaya Silva

Doctoral Candidate

  • javier.amaya-silva.dphil@said.oxford.edu

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Javier Amaya is a DPhil in Management candidate at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford supervised by Professor Matthias Holweg and Dr Steve New, interested in the role of Artificial Intelligence on improving firms’ processes, operations and supply chain.

His research takes a multi-faceted approach analysing the potential of AI for accomplishing strategic goals in professional, manufacturing and retail settings, exploring how AI impacts on the organisational performance, and on the ethical and environmental issues of adopting AI technologies.

Earlier in his career, Javier worked advising a different group of organisations, ranging from hi-tech start-ups to government departments in Latin America, Europe and UAE. Javier is a Mechanical Engineer by training and holds an MSc in Engineering and management of Manufacturing Systems from Cranfield University. Javier received the BAE Systems Prize and the International Automotive Components (IAC) Group Prize for the Best Performing Student in Manufacturing and Management Systems.


- Digital operations

- Process improvement

- Multinational operations

- Professional work

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