Jason McIntosh

Entrepreneurship Expert


Jason McIntosh is a company director and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience covering a wide variety of roles in the investment banking industry, as well as investing, trading and running his own businesses.

After graduating in Mathematics from Oriel College, Oxford, Jason specialised in quantitative technology for SG Warburg before joining a start-up emerging markets investment bank, where he was responsible for building and running proprietary trading strategies.

Jason later worked at BNP Paribas and Nomura, setting up and running successful desks covering market making, hedge fund sales and European equity trading. Known as a specialist in tough market conditions, Jason maintained consistent returns through seven market crises and was four times ranked top short picker by Alpha Networks, generating a positive 20% return during the crisis of 2008.

In 2010, Jason left trading and divides his time between two childcare businesses, which he bought and recently expanded, and Riskcare Ltd, a specialist investment banking and risk technology consultancy, with offices in London, New York and Sydney, where he is a Board member and Director of Consulting.

During his time at Riskcare, Jason has built a strong advisory practice, working at senior management level with most of the largest investment banks in London. He has also participated in a number of early-stage investments and maintains a strong network across the early stage investment and Fin Tech sectors. 

Across all his work, Jason is known for his leadership and integrity, and for generating strong, high-performing teams. His mantra is that happy, motivated people make successful businesses. An enthusiastic problem-solver, Jason loves exploring new ideas and helping others to realise their potential.

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