Chris Moos

Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Chris researches how leaders and organisations deal with the complex demands of diverse and pluralistic environments.

Chris joined Saïd Business School after being awarded a PhD in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

He researches how leaders deal with complexity, whether they are museum directors or CEOs of Fortune 500 multinationals. His work also sheds light on how organisations operate in pluralist environments, in which they are expected to both generate value, and be diverse and sustainable.

His research has been featured in the Guardian, and NBC.


Chris’s research focuses on leadership, institutional complexity, pluralism, paradox, and social evaluations. In particular, he is interested in how leaders create complementarities between the competing expectations they are exposed to. Currently, he is developing a configurational approach to institutional pluralism, showing how stakeholders evaluate organisations’ efforts of operating in diverse, pluralistic environments.

He uses a variety of methods, including the in-depth analysis of interviews with leaders, and configurational approaches to analyse data sets spanning higher education, museums, and multinational corporations.

Chris is a member of the Academy of Management and the European Group for Organizational Studies. 


Prior to entering academia, Chris has worked in the energy industry in Germany, and as a management consultant for Deloitte in Mexico, with a focus on organisation design and leadership. He has been translating his research into practice through his work on the Earth Security Index, in recognition of which he was named an Associate of the Earth Security Group.


Chris has taught from the undergraduate to the executive level at Saïd Business School, the London School of Economics, and the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico.

His teaching topics including leadership, teamwork, organisation design, and organisational culture to MBAs, Diploma students, EMBAs, and Executives, drawing on his own research, as well as insights from technology firms like Facebook, Google, Uber, Zappos and Tesla.




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