Andrew Pettigrew

Emeritus Professor

  • Andrew.Pettigrew@sbs.ox.ac.uk

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Andrew Pettigrew is a leading expert on strategy and change in both the public and private sectors.

He launched his career with a highly-regarded ten-year study of chemical company ICI, connecting economic business research with a broader sociological approach. He has revolutionised the study of organisational development by combining historical, political and social contextual information with statistical and quantitative data.

Andrew’s current research interests include the management of strategic change processes within organisations and the relationship between leadership, change and performance.

Andrew’s background in sociology and anthropology, where contextual and historical study are vital, informs his research methodology. Andrew believes that his work is to ‘catch reality in flight’ and to ‘give time to time’, encouraging researchers to emulate historians and ‘reconstruct past contexts, processes, and decisions’.

Alongside his research, Andrew is concerned with practice and has been engaged internationally in consulting and advisory roles, from consulting on strategic change and management in the NHS to working with the boards of top corporations. He is Chairman of the Academic Sounding Board for McKinsey’s worldwide organisation practice.

Andrew also studies the processes, practices and performance of collaborative academic research, addressing the ways business schools and researchers themselves deal with decision-making, innovation and strategic change management. He works with both the European Foundation for Management Development (EMFD) and the UK’s Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) to understand and improve research in the social sciences and management.

Andrew is author or co-author of 15 books and over 100 journal articles. He is recognised within the management community as one of the foremost researchers and practitioners in strategy and change management.

In 2003 Andrew became only the third business school professor to be made a Fellow of the British Academy. He is a Fellow of both the British Academy of Management, and the US Academy of Management. He is also the only non-North American to be named a Distinguished Scholar of the US Academy of Management. He is the recipient of a Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Academy of Management, and in 2009 he was awarded an OBE for services to higher education.

Andrew has a degree in sociology at Liverpool University, and a PhD in industry sociology from Manchester Business School. Andrew lectured at Yale before returning to the UK, where he launched the Centre for Corporate Strategy and Change at Warwick University in 1985 and served as Dean of the University of Bath’s School of Management until he joined Saïd Business School in 2008.

Andrew has been awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Linkoping in Sweden (1989), University of Liverpool (2010) and Copenhagen Business School (2010). 


  • Management of strategic change processes
  • Relationship between leadership, change and performance
  • Processes, practices and performance of collaborative research


Andrew’s work has covered a broad range of sectors, both public and private.

It has consistently concentrated on the contextual study of corporate evolution, decision-making, strategy and governance.

His approach emphasises the environmental and historical factors that work alongside quantitative economic issues to shape an organisation.

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Andrew’s work has always been concerned with practice and he has been active internationally in consultancy and advisory roles.

These roles have ranged from consulting on strategic change and management in the NHS, to working with the boards of top corporations.

Andrew has worked closely with McKinsey for many years, and he currently serves as Chairman of the Academic Sounding Board for McKinsey’s worldwide organisation practice. Recently he has developed the Oxford/McKinsey international Scholarly Seminar Series, which brings top scholars from around the world to Oxford and facilitates debate involving faculty, senior Directors of McKinsey and Saїd Business School alumni.

Andrew serves as the Research and Development Committee Chair of the EFMD. The Foundation’s 800 members represent business schools around the world, and Andrew has played a key role in launching a research initiative on institutional development and performance in business schools. The study will look at why certain schools outperform others, as well as how leadership and change affect the schools – starting in Europe, but eventually including all business schools around the world.

Andrew has also played a key role in the work of the UK’s ESRC, studying how best to represent the quality and impact of social science research in the UK. He chaired the ESRC’s Evaluation and Audit Committees, and his work with the ESRC contributed to the inclusion of impact measurements in the Research Excellence Framework.