World Economic Forum - Day 5

Winding up a busy week in Davos, I was joined by Doug Monticciolo, CEO of Brevet Capital, for a Facebook Live event covering impact measurement and sustainable investing. Doug talked about how the focus this year at Davos has been about how to measure impact investing in a meaningful way, moving from ‘purpose’ to the actual impact and measurement. But how do you pick what things to measure? Ask ten social impact investors and they all want to measure different things. Find out by watching the discussion in full on Facebook.

Such is the unique nature and pull of Davos, that when I walk out of the Facebook Pavilion, I cross paths with Greta Thunberg, her presence an instant reminder of the climate challenges facing us. 

Generically speaking, there was healthy discussion throughout the week about taking action – across a wide gamut of subjects. In the subset of conversations that I was part of, we mapped out tactical follow-ups and scheduled meetings to move projects forward that emerged out of conversations during the week. I occasionally hear of complaints, each year, about how Davos is all talk and then nothing happens. My own experience is quite different, and to that I say, you get out of it what you put into it.  I also have found a longitudinal view is helpful; discussions that I began three years ago, and continued two years ago, are now starting to bear fruit, in 2020.

It was wonderful to see how our alumni and broader community of affiliates embraced Saïd Business School’s presence throughout the week. Thanks to our hosts, Global Citizen Forum for providing us a congenial and welcoming home in the centre of the action.

Thanks for following WEF2020 with me, signing off now from Davos, Switzerland.


David Shrier created and leads both the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme and the Oxford Fintech Programme at Saïd Business School.