Podcast: How capital markets can take sustainability to the next level

Season 3, Episode 3

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As countries and organisations commit to reaching carbon net zero by 2050, investors are increasingly calling for more sustainability information—not just on carbon emissions, but on biodiversity, natural capital, social inclusion, and more. This data will help them to understand the viability of business models, the corporate license to operate—and therefore the capacity to create value.

Clara Barby, Chief Executive of the Impact Management Project, hosted a discussion between Richard Barker, Professor of Accounting, Saïd Business School, Tajinder Singh, Deputy Secretary General of IOSCO, Dame Elizabeth Corley, Chair of the Impact Investing Institute, and Sandra Boss, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Investment Stewardship for BlackRock.

Current sustainability reporting is done on a voluntary and somewhat fragmented basis, and cannot be effectively absorbed into the balance sheet or accounts.