Climate Change Challenge: The winning teachers


Congratulations to all of the teacher winners and finalists from our Climate Change Challenge

During the Summer of 2023 Burjeel Holdings and Saïd Business School launched the Climate Change Challenge where we invited high school students and teachers from across the world to help tackle the climate crisis.

We asked high school teachers to set the agenda in the classroom with lessons that raised awareness among students about the dangers of climate change, and encouraged them to think creatively about solving it.

Congratulations to the winner:

  • Lucas Olscamp

Being here I’ve just been so inspired by the incredible visions and dreams for a better future conceived and shared by my fellow educators but most poignantly, the students themselves.

Lucas Olscamp

Teacher, Vancouver Island, Canada

And congratulations also to the two runners-up:

  • Laxmidevi Upadhyay
  • Michael Jones

And our thanks to all the teachers who gave their time and shared their lesson plans with us.

Lucas Olscamp


Embedding Indigenous beliefs in teaching


Pearson School UWC, Vancouver Island, Canada

What inspired Lucas to enter

‘Growing up in Canada, I took inspiration from the Indigenous caretakers and guardians who have protected and cared for this land since time immemorial. It is their heartfelt stewardship and embodied knowledge of the non-human world which is the flame that ignites all my teachings and ensures that before we can speculate about the future, we must first reconcile our past. 

I have continuously held myself accountable to this mission, which at its heart is a pursuit of “peace and a sustainable future”; these are both wondrous yet complex realities to obtain. It is because of this great privilege and responsibility that I believe it’s not only my duty as an educator to raise awareness of the entanglements of concepts like peace, sustainability, and climate change, but also to provide and practice the tools necessary to take action for a better future for all.'  

Laxmidevi Upadhyay


Understanding waste management


Udayachal High School, Mumbai, India

What inspired Laxmidevi to enter

'Climate change is a very important issue that we all are facing. Temperature rises has been experienced in different parts of the globe including India. Air pollution and unmanaged waste are a few causes that the students witness at a personal level. It is very essential to not only sensitise students to these issues and the threat they pose to the globe, but also to empower them to take small but effective steps in adopting green practices like using green fuels, car pooling, walking short distances, managing waste and segregation of waste at source, while teaching them the curriculum. 

These small steps will definitely impact their minds and behaviour which can impact their homes which will in turn impact their communities, thereby having a cumulative effect on the current issues faced in their communities.'

Michael Jones


Computer science and climate change


Northfleet Technology College, Northfleet, United Kingdom

What inspired Michael to enter

'I believe in the power of education to effect change and that involves developing a curriculum that explores the science of climate change, its impacts on temperature, biodiversity, food security, and air quality. My aim is to support computer science and technology students in understanding how technology can be used to assist in collecting data and forecasting carbon storage. Through interactive learning and integrating climate change education across various subjects -  science, geography, mathematics and computer science - I emphasise the interconnectedness of climate change with different aspects of life to provide a holistic understanding.

My lesson plan creates a model that not only educates students about climate change but also empowers them to take meaningful actions toward a more sustainable future.'

Roudaina Kassam


Food security: our responsibility


Rashaya Public High School, Rashaya, Lebanon

What inspired Roudaina to enter

'I believe in the ultimate power of education in creating a sustainable future, and I see students as the future beholders, and within their fists is the ability to 'change', to reverse the wrong notions. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time due to its devastating effects on human health, agriculture, and the economy as a whole. If we continue our reckless actions, polluting our environment, we're going to lose our nature and our planet, and unfortunately, we don't have Earth B.

By teaching our students about the disastrous effects of climate change, I hope to inspire them to take action to reduce their own carbon footprint and to become advocates for the environment. And I also want to encourage them to think about how their actions can help protect the planet and be the future generation committed to saving our Earth.'

Frithi Francis


Integrating climate literacy into the curriculum


Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

What inspired Frithi to enter

‘I believe that raising awareness about climate change is crucial for the well-being of our planet and future generations. The impact of climate change is far-reaching, affecting ecosystems, weather patterns, and human livelihoods. By educating and empowering individuals to act, we can work towards mitigating the effects of climate change and fostering a more sustainable future. It is important to inspire collective action and promote environmental stewardship to address this global challenge.

In addition to integrating climate literacy into the curriculum we have adopted a whole school strategy which calls for the active participation of all stakeholders and the larger community through various activities.’