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Oxford Networked Strategy Lab


Exploring strategy in a complex and connected world

Today’s business environments are turbulent, complex and uncertain. Firms in such conditions are exposed to dramatic change, due to drivers such as digitalisation and other new technologies, changing values, globalisation and regionalisation, new regulations, new behaviors by different actors, and new actor types who introduce new business models and invade or collaborate to transform established fields.

In these contexts, traditional neo-classical approaches to strategy are struggling, with their assumptions about good availability of information, rational decision making in stable industries, views of value as added in layers and steps in value chains, and competitive strategy as the only path to success. This is no longer the reality. Instead, values are co-created in systems of actors who interact, not linearly in value chains. Conventional industry borders enmesh, as actors from different industries engage in collaborative strategies to create new offerings that transform fields within or between larger ecosystems.

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