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All our Career employment events are bespoke to your recruitment and selection needs. We offer a range of virtual, on campus and in business solutions. Recruiting top class talent from Oxford Saïd is straight forward and consultative.

We have a number of engagement strategies our partners move forward with, from simply using our platform to post job roles, or a more in depth student engagement strategy. Not only would you have access to our students, we provide access to thousands of senior leaders in the global Oxford Saïd Alumni Community.

Please note:

  • Zero cost to hire any of our students from any programme
  • There is no cost to use our events space
  • Bespoke event design to meet your recruitment needs
  • Free recruitment consulting from Oxford Saïd Career Development Centre


Job postings

A key element of engagement with students/alumni is promoting your job vacancies through our Career Development platforms. We also promote through email marketing and network channels to attract the right profile of student/alumni.

You have the freedom to post vacancies on our online Careers@Saïd platform at any time, allowing you to manage when applications are accepted and deadlines are set. We also have the ability to post these roles, should you want to talk to us on how a vacancy would have the most impact.

Applications can be managed in accordance with your preferred method, either through a link to your own applicant tracking system or via direct email.

CV books

CV books is available through our online Careers@Saïd system. This allows you to download and view a whole MBA, MSc or EMBA cohort by their CV.

This is a very popular tool if you need specific experience as the document is in a PDF format allowing you to pick out experience or key words that suit your needs for specific vacancies or skill sets. Many employers will view the book as a proactive selection process to identify the talent they may need to grow their business ahead of interviews.

Profile books

Profile books are a great source of information to quickly review headline information on a student cohort. This would cover students recent jobs held, career aspirations and languages spoken.


These are used in a number of different ways, from being part of a wider student engagement strategy, to being your main point of student engagement. This can be open to our entire student pool at Oxford Saïd, incorporating our MSc, MBA and EMBA students as required. A webinar has a number of benefits:

  • No cost – we do not charge to host the service and no travel will be necessary to come on campus
  • Builds your brand with our student/graduate talent
  • Gives client the idea of interest in job roles/brand
  • Time efficient – no working time is lost to come on site

You may have your own agenda when it comes to the content of your webinar but a good starting point would be:

  1. The company and the culture, including areas around diversity - this is really important to our students/graduates
  2. Career progression for both horizontal and vertical movement
  3. Types of roles available – such as Product Management, Marketing, Strategy or operations
  4. Geographical movement is also something that is creeping up the list of criteria for our students
  5. Timelines and the selection process are also FAQs from students
  6. Sponsorship  - students like to know either way if you sponsor for work visas

This provides a good grounding and feeling for your business, allowing students/graduates to make an informed decision if your business could work for them.

On Campus

Presentation and networking session

On campus company presentations and networking sessions are a great way to engage students with your business. We recommend at least 3 company representatives would attend to provide a good depth on knowledge and allow for successful networking following the presentation.

Typically your company presentation will last for 45 mins to an hour which would include Q&A. The presentation can be communicated by whichever medium you would like as our lecture theatres and seminar rooms are equipped with all AV equipment necessary. Typically a PowerPoint or a similar format is the favoured method. Some video built within this is also beneficial to convey your message in an engaging way.

Topics covered extend from what we would recommend for a webinar, but they are covered in greater detail:

  1. Intro and what the speakers have achieved
  2. The company and the culture, including areas around diversity - this is really important to our students/graduates
  3. Future company plans
  4. Career progression for both horizontal and vertical movement
  5. Types of roles available – such as Product Management, Marketing, Strategy or Operations
  6. Geographical movement is also something I am noticing is creeping up the list of criteria for our students
  7. Timelines and the recruitment selection process
  8. Q&A session

Following this we move on to a more informal networking session where drinks and snacks are available. This is usually conducted in our Entrance Hall, or larger seminar room, where your company representatives can speak to a much smaller group of students. This lasts for around an hour or so and can lead on to coffee chats (for pre-planned 1:1s with students) or an organised dinner if appropriate.

Careers fair

To maximise student engagement with you, we will be hosting Careers Fairs, which will have a maximum of 8 – 10 clients on site at any one time. These are a great way to speak with students on more informal basis. We allocate a seminar room for you allowing you to have time for one to one sessions with students who you feel could be a good fit for your business. This seminar room can also double as a space to run short presentations on the company for groups of 6-20 students throughout the day. If you have a need for a larger all-encompassing presentation we can arrange this at the end of the fair in a lecture theatre.

An example timeline for a day would be:

  • 14:00 – Arrive onsite and set up
  • 14:30 – Meeting and coffee with Career Development team on logistics format
  • 15:00 – Start of Fair, engaging with students, offering 1-1 sessions or mini presentations in dedicated seminar room
  • 17:30 – Move through to lecture theatre for larger company presentation (if appropriate)
  • 18:30 – Networking in Entrance hall with students (if appropriate)
  • 19:30 - Close

Coffee chats

Coffee chats can take place following any sessions we organise for you or undertaken as a separate event depending on your needs.

Some clients find it useful to conduct these after networking, depending on the time of day, as they identify possible hires, or students with experience they want to tap into. The other option is to return following the networking and arrange coffee chats in advance with certain students.

Coffee chats can also be booked following a CV book review. They do not have to be as part of networking or a presentation.

The formats of these are down to you and how this would link in with your recruitment process. Typically they would include:

  • Detail about the host of the chat
  • More information on the business
  • Specifics of the vacancies/program that is on offer
  • A CV run through with the student
  • What qualities/difference the student can make
  • Motivational questions around wanting to join your company
  • Q&A

We would recommend 30 mins per chat.

Networking lunches

We offer the opportunity to host a networking lunch in our Pyramid Dining Room with student groups. These take a number of formats depending on your needs. Examples of past client lunches have included ‘Women in Business’, ‘Tech Careers for Social Good’ and ‘Impact Investing Careers’.

You have the ability to selected students from our CV and profile books or engage with a whole cohort. Student groups, such as our Oxford Business Networks (OBNs), can also be utilised to manage sign ups where needed – we will work with you on managing this.

These lunches can work in many formats but a simple format is below:

  • 12:45 - Short introduction when students are seated promoting your business or topic. Members of your company are seated on separate tables of students for networking
  • 13:00 - Buffet or plated lunch, depending on student numbers, is served
  • 14:00 – Wrap up and thank you to students attending
  • 14:15 – Possible further networking in seminar room with coffee


We host a number of conferences and talks onsite throughout the year. These range in topics from Social Impact to Employment Law. We are keen to engage with you if have an interest in attending or we can work with you to host a relevant conference around a topic of your choosing.

Conferences work in a number of different ways where we have keynote speakers, panel discussions, round table discussions and presentations.

Interviewing at Oxford Saïd

Once the application deadlines have passed and CVs have been reviewed, we are able to host interviews on site. We have found this has made our partners recruitment process easier to have all interviews in one place, especially if you are recruiting for multiple locations and roles.

Oxford Business Networks

You can engage with our Oxford Business Networks (OBNs) for different industries and geographies, when these are formed in October every year. These student-led groups organise events for students throughout the year, based around business in different industries and geographies. The OBNs also arrange visits to company offices to learn more about current work within the company and experience the company culture.

Case competitions

Some companies offer a case competition to students within the school to gain students’ expertise on current business initiatives and engage in a more academic setting.

In Business

Company treks and visits

Every April, groups of current MBA students undertake career treks to learn about business in various countries and network with companies of interest. Typically a student group of 12 will visit a nominated city and engage with employers through Oxford Saïd Alumni or other company connections.

When visiting these companies a talk is usually given allowing students to find out more about culture, job opportunities and the speakers own experiences within the business.

We can also offer more specific visits to your offices with a select number of students that you may want to engage with.

Internships and projects

We promote the hiring of interns for your business. This allows you to work with MBA calibre students and allows our students to gain fresh insights into working with you.

Depending on student electives, students could join you from June for up to 12 weeks. Many clients find this is an excellent way to gain MBA expertise and make permanent job offers following this.