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Dr Vivienne Cox
Vivienne Cox, a member of Oxford Saïd’s Global Leadership Council, talks leadership, purpose, and legacy with Caroline Scotter Mainprize
Glass building
Professor Tim Morris, Saïd Business School, and Professor Karthik Ramanna, Blavatnik School of Government, discuss how to solve the deep-rooted problems in corporate audit.
Baroness Shriti Vadera
From our celebration of International Women's Day to the launch of the new talent development programme Inspiring Women, women at Oxford Saïd are beating a path to progress
photo of mobile phone showing website
Oxford graduate Agne Milukaite, CEO and co-founder of believes shared bike mobility will be at least as disruptive as car and ride sharing companies.
Shopping mall
As retailers cross their fingers and administrators circle over the final quarter sales results, Jonathan Reynolds looks at how shopping has changed over the past 20 years, and the trends we should watch for the future.
Piles of coins and a compass
We need a radical reformulation of the roles and responsibilities of business, says Colin Mayer
Fairfull samosa
Fairfull makes and sells natural and healthy snacks that originate from different cultures around the world. A large proportion of the profits go to support communities in the regions that the food comes from.
Young girl with a toy globe
Impact measurement is a buzzword, but whose impact are we talking about, and how will it make a difference? Karim Harji explains.
Gyana uses a sophisticated algorithm to combine big data and complex data analytics, and presents them in an interactive format.
Felix Reed-Tsochas explains why his research on complex networks can have an impact far beyond the business sphere
Beer and cheese
The Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme has inspired alumnus and Everards brewery boss Stephen Gould to pursue a wider social purpose
tree grows from money
Incoming MBA students joined alumni and faculty in the Oxford Union to debate profits and purpose.
Blitzing and leaving, accelerating delivery, or taking time to develop sustainable change? Sue Dopson investigates the effects of different attitudes to time within a single project
As Oxford Saïd nears its 21st anniversary later this year, Richard Whittington looks back on the Economics and Management classroom in 1996
Tim Jenkinson explores the questions raised by comparing private equity returns with those of public markets.
Established in 2008 by MBA alum and Skoll Scholar Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning is the world’s largest online movement for helping people manage their relationship with alcohol.
Breaking down organisational silos is the only way to counter cyber-crime, says Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme alumnus Dinos Kerigan-Kyrou
According to Dolly Parton, working nine to five is enough to drive you crazy if you let it. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve explores the links between work and happiness.
Andrew White, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Corporate Relations, argues that it is time to focus on finding the opportunities in Brexit.
The UK’s retail sector is a particularly sensitive indicator of the effects of Brexit and its impact on the economy, says Jonathan Reynolds, predicting loss of consumer confidence, higher prices, and fewer jobs.
The Prime Minister's insistence on a 'hard' Brexit may have been a way to manage complexity; but moving towards a deal will require more people to develop a wider and more subtle outlook, argues Michael Smets.
There has been a lot of talk about the movement of people and money, but the free movement of materials and goods is just as important.
Founder, CEO and Oxford Executive MBA alumnus Christopher Boyac has built MyPanier on four founding principles: fairness, transparency, authenticity and community.
Neither top-down nor bottom-up approaches have yet had a major impact on wicked problems such as climate change or poverty. Oxford Saïd alumna Suzette Dumfries is focusing on a third way, investing in agriculture, clean energy, and sustainable tourism in the Caribbean.
10 Feb
2017 marks the 21st anniversary of the founding of Saïd Business School; look out for events and activities that will celebrate its coming of age.
10 Feb
Amir Amel-Zadeh lifts the lid on clues hidden in companies' SEC Form 10-K filings and shows how they can serve as predictors of future stock and accounting returns.
10 Feb
There’s a reason you keep picking at unhealthy snacks: it’s called hedonic escalation. Cammy Crolic explains why it’s so hard to walk away from the party buffet.
10 Feb
‘Decent’ leadership is needed to restore trust and support those feeling left behind by globalisation argues Peter Tufano
29 Nov
Global challenges such as climate change, inequality, and rising populations will require us to look beyond the individual and the organisation to embrace ‘planetary purpose’, says Andrew White
29 Nov
Seth Rogin, President and CEO of Nucleus Marketing Solutions, talks about the importance and impact of high-quality news reporting, and the responsibilities of editors and marketers in the new digital age.
29 Nov
Forced labour and exploitation in the supply chain is widespread but conventional CSR practices are not enough to stop it, argues Steve New.
14 Sep
It was telling that the first official statements issued after the announcement of the Brexit vote were from the BDI, the Association of German Employers, and from other business groups in Germany and France. Businesses revealed themselves to be quicker thinking, more adaptable, and more strategic than the politicians.
14 Sep
During the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation’s annual summer conference 2016, members of an international group of economists and lawyers, convened in 2013 by Professor Michael Devereux, presented two options for fundamental reform of corporation tax.
14 Sep
Research on limits to arbitrage can shed interesting new light on financial behaviour and its impact on markets. Bige Kahraman describes the network of interconnected motives that can arise from financial institutions’ organisational structures, from capital constraints, and from availability of information.
chess pieces
14 Sep
What is Brexit? Is it a monumental one-off break, a big, big game-changer along the lines of the Second World War, a reference point in history that triggers a need to rethink institutions, units of analysis, and political processes? Or is it merely one of a sequence of different events that can be said to have ‘started’ anywhere?
01 Jul
Your firm introduces a complicated new service that will generate high profits but that appears to you to be potentially risky or unnecessary for most customers. Your boss doesn’t seem to think so. What do you do?
14 Sep 2016
Like all previous Olympics, Summer and Winter, Rio 2016 came in over budget – by over half (51%). Whilst this is a lower budget overrun than numerous other Games, at $1.6 billion, it is a colossal overspend.
Focus on: Leadership skills
The challenge for all leaders is to widen their repertoire of leadership styles, and this is a challenge that women are particularly well equipped to rise to because they often already lead in a variety of circumstances – at home, in their community, and at work.
01 Jul
Is it possible for both parties to walk away from the negotiating table with a sense of satisfaction? Tim Cullen believes it is and shows how its possible to create more value for all parties.
01 Jul
It’s sometimes hard to see past the mythologies that have grown up around entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, from the need to fail fast and fail often to the idea that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Josie Powell interviews Biz Stone (Twitter and Jelly).
01 Mar
Jonathan Trevor explores the future of work in a post-bureaucratic world and ponders the impact of the "human cloud"
01 May
In a low-return world, investors are looking anywhere for yield. Real estate investors are no exception. The Oxford Real Estate Conference 2016 revealed a rapidly changing sector in which lines are increasingly blurred, yet opportunities abound. Andrew Baum lists the top five innovations to watch.
01 May
When setting up a new company, groups of co-founders often assume that dividing the equity evenly between them is the quickest and fairest thing to do. But, Professor Thomas Hellmann argues, they could be setting themselves up for poor performance and difficulties in attracting investment, to say nothing of simmering resentments down the line.
01 May
Dolika Banda, international banking and financial management expert, was the keynote speaker at the Oxford Business Forum Africa held in March 2016. Josie Powell talked to her about Africa’s destructive tendencies and potential, the gaps that leaders need to fill, and how it felt to go home to Zambia.
01 May
Marketing has now entered the post-digital age. There’s no more separation between offline and online marketing or traditional and new media, and there’s no special breed of ‘tech-savvy’ consumers – all consumers are now constantly connected.
01 Mar
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve explains why, when the rich get richer, the rest of us feel we’re getting poorer – even when we’re not
01 Mar
Matthias Holweg and Michael Smets re-examine the VW scandal through the lenses of operations and leadership
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