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Saïd Business School and Global Shapers Community create new solutions to shape the future

Two new scholarships announced for Global Shapers to join the Oxford MBA programme

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, have today announced a collaboration that will strengthen the vision and mission of these two organisations that are each working to create new solutions to address social, environmental, political and economic challenges around the world. The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people, between the ages of 20 to 29, who are selected as being exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Over 4,500 young people worldwide who have been selected as Global Shapers will be encouraged to apply for two new dedicated scholarships for the one-year Oxford MBA programme at Saïd Business School.

‘Increasing globalisation, technological advances, and the fall-out from the economic crisis have left the business world with a growing sense of its responsibilities in addressing global challenges,’ said Peter Tufano, Dean of Saïd Business School. ‘This new environment needs talented young people who are committed to making a difference, who can inspire and influence a wide range of stakeholders, and who have the potential to lead and shape the future. These are the people we want to work with on our Oxford MBA – and they are also the people who have been selected as Global Shapers.’

Shapers who are accepted to the Oxford MBA programme will join a rich community that includes a cohort of students drawn from across the world and from all sectors, thought-leaders and experts from across the University of Oxford, as well as an international faculty leading cutting-edge academic research which the students can utilise to amplify their impact.

Nat Ware, a Global Shaper from the Oxford Hub who graduated from the Oxford MBA in 2013, is founder of 180 Degrees Consulting (, a student consultancy that aims to improve the effectiveness of non-profits and social enterprises so they can have a greater social impact.  Building his business Nat recognised that idealism would only take him so far and he realised that in order to make a difference in the world he would need to ‘speak the language of business, have a strategic approach, be exposed to new ideas, and have the right connections and mentors. The Oxford MBA has helped me in all these ways, and many more,’ he said.

‘The key things I've got out of the MBA are confidence and ambition. I’m confident pitching to investors, negotiating, and have conviction in the merits of my own ideas. Now, building a social venture that "makes a billion dollars and helps a billion people" no longer seems in the realm of fantasy, it seems a realistic prospect.’

Oxford’s distinctive emphasis on social innovation, responsible leadership, and entrepreneurship complement the spirit of the Global Shapers.  As part of a core business education, they will gain the technical knowledge needed to launch, grow and run innovative organisations under conditions of complexity and uncertainty, and combine this with the personal skills to influence and inspire others. In particular, they will have the opportunity to work in their own or other Global Shaper Hubs on innovation or growth projects to benefit local communities.

‘All the members of the Global Shapers Community are high-achieving young leaders who are committed to making a difference in society.  Global Shapers Community provides them with opportunities to develop their potential through connecting with other young people throughout the world, and working on projects within their own hubs,’ said Melih Nurluel, Associate Director and Head of Programmes. ‘And now, through this agreement with Saïd Business School, they have the possibility of more formal development and learning on the Oxford MBA.’

“The Said Business School at Oxford University is as passionate about making the world a better place as we are, especially through innovation and by embracing diversity. We are proud to welcome them as Collaborators of the Global Shapers Community.” Said Yemi Babington-Ashaye, Head of the Global Shapers Community.

The two Global Shapers Community scholarships will cover the full tuition costs of the Oxford MBA programme. Based on  academic merit the School will also be looking for individuals who can both demonstrate the impact each has made in their regional community  and who wish to improve their knowledge of market-oriented practices to achieve real world impact.  Shapers applying for the Oxford MBA will receive dedicated application support from Saïd Business School’s Applications and Recruitment team. Those who do not have a previous degree or have not already taken a GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL test will be considered for acceptance on to the MBA and, if an offer of a place is made, they will be required to sit and meet the required scores in the tests.

Shapers are invited to apply for the Global Shapers scholarships before 24 April 2015:

Oxford MBA and the Global Shapers Community