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CV and interview tips


How to write a successful CV

Your CV should present a brief account of your career. It should present your knowledge, experience, skills and competencies. Your CV should be carefully and clearly laid out. It should be logically ordered, easy to read, and ideally no longer than two sides of A4.

Your CV needs to include enough information in order for us to decide whether you are likely to be a suitable candidate, so you should include:

  • Contact details - name, address, phone number, email address
  • Education - educational and/or professional qualifications, dates and names of institutions
  • Work experiences - job titles and company names, and responsibilities and tasks within each role. You should also include periods of paid or unpaid work which need to be accounted for, including dates
  • Skills and competencies - for example: ability to work in a team, manage customers, specific IT skills, level of responsibility

Cover letters

A cover letter is an opportunity to expand on details from you CV and to provide real examples to support your ability to do the job. It should emphasise your key strengths in relation to the job.

In your cover letter you should make it clear how you meet the essential criteria stated in the advert and job description and why you are interested in the role. This is an opportunity to present your relevant skills and experience in relation to the vacancy to which you are applying.

Interview tips

At first stage interview you will have a panel interview with two or more interviewers. The interview will consist of competency-based questions, which aim to find out how you have used specific skills in your previous experience and how you approach situations, tasks and challenges.

When preparing answers to questions, always think of examples. We will be looking for evidence of things you have done rather than what you would do in the future.

Competencies are chosen because they reflect what is most critical in the role, and are mentioned in the advert and job description.