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The Future of Work
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The GOTO topic for 2016-17 was The Future of Work, watch this short introductory video by Associate Management Professor and  GOTO Academic lead; Jonathan Trevor for more information. 

The future of the firm, and therefore leadership of firms, is as much a function of the broadest forces acting on society as it is of the structure, financing, and strategies of organisations. Through a variety of different mediums (eg digital platform, in-class discussion and plenary), The Future of Work explored:

  1. The key drivers of changes to work
  2. What is changing at work in terms of human capital (future roles, skills, behaviour and knowledge requirements), technological capital (machine capability and information), social capital (relationships, networks and shared values) and organisational capital (systems, routines, processes and structures)
  3. The implications for economies, companies and individuals. The challenge to those participating in GOTO was to apply the materials and guidance to a specific context and use core leadership skills to create a compelling vision of a positive work future and strategies for making it a reality (especially in the case of degree programmes, such as MBA and EMBA).
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