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A new Entrepreneurial Hub in the heart of Oxford University

Creating more entrepreneurial people is the foundation of the Oxford Foundry. Opened in October 2017, this exciting new space is for all students at Oxford University, no matter what discipline of study. 

We know that millennials desire to be more socially responsible, impactful and make change. They don't want to reinvent the wheel, they want to change the way it's done. The Oxford Foundry is an environment where these endeavors will be supported. It will encourage ideas to be pursued and taking risks will be part of the learning.

The Oxford Foundry is located at 3-5 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford OX1 2EW.

An entrepreneurial mindset

At its core, the entrepreneurial mindset is all about a willingness to learn through commercial experimentation and to embrace uncertainty and the risk of failure. This is where the Foundry will have the greatest (and broadest) impact on the Oxford community.

Founding member

Reid Hoffman was the first founding member to make a donation. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and his rational for investing in the project follows on from this, we hope others will be inspired to follow.

Some concepts of entrepreneurship can be taught, but ultimately it is learned from experience and so you can never fully prepare other than by doing.

Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman Co-founder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn

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