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Innovation in Digital India

India is ushering into a new era as the world's fastest growing startup ecosystem with tremendous growth in investment over the past 4 years. The workshop brought leaders from industry, academia and government to an event on Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Digital India.

Saïd Business School promotes entrepreneurship research and practice by bringing together entrepreneurially-minded people to meet, collaborate, and create ventures. With a strong push from the Indian government to spur innovation and entrepreneurship the workshop began to address some of the challenges, barriers to entry, the progress made so far, the role of industry and academia, and future models for new businesses.

The goals of the workshop were:

  • Current policies and practices for entrepreneurship in India
  • Examine the role of incubators and small business initiatives in India
  • Provide call to action on improving the environment for start-ups and small businesses
  • Enable cross-border collaboration between Bangalore and the UK on innovation

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Session Speaker Links
Welcome Professor Mari Sako Slides
Accenture on Open Innovation Avnish Sabharwal(MD, Open Innovation) Slides
Philips Corporation Ravi Ramaswamy (Head & Dir. Philips Healthcare) Slides
Beckman-Coulter - Innovation Labs Amar Gautam (CEO) Slides
Start-Up Village Gautham, COO Slides
Google and Google-X Sunil Rao (Country Head)  
President of TIE-Bengaluru & MD, Ideaspring Naganand Doraswamy (Founder, MD, Ideaspring Capital) Slides
NASSCOMM Ravi Guru Raj (Founder, CEO, Slides