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Strategic Consulting Projects and Industrial Placements

Oxford’s full-time one-year MBA programme attracts people of exceptional talent from across the globe. Towards the end of the MBA course, students can be drawn upon by organisations to carry out consultancy projects anywhere in the world.

See more information on Industrial Placements.

Working with MBA students: Strategic Consulting Projects

During July and August each year, MBA students have the option to undertake a six-week consultancy project, in partnership with sponsoring organisations. Students work in teams of three or four. Most are multi-lingual and globally mobile and can therefore operate effectively in any international environment.

You can use the skills of these teams to:

  • Get a fresh, multi-disciplinary and multicultural perspective on any challenge or opportunity your organisation is facing
  • Receive practical recommendations that are innovative and creative in a format you require.

Organisations that participate in this scheme benefit from:

  • Additional experienced staff at low cost
  • A team that can bring to bear a multi-disciplinary, multi-functional and often multi-cultural approach
  • Access to the expert advice and cutting edge research of a top class business school via student teams.

Previous Consultancy Projects

Over the past 12 years projects have taken place in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Gambia, Germany, Kenya, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Tanzania, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam.

Partner companies have included:



ARAS Art Leasing


B.A.R Formula One

Bank of Scotland

Barclays Bank

BBC Sport

Bronx Borough President's Office



Climate Change Capital



Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Deutsche Bank

Diamond Trading Company (De Beers)


Elsevier Science

Etrade Securities

Formway Furniture

Four Seasons Venture


Hewlett Packard

Hudson Ventures



International Cricket Council

Isis Innovation



Latvian Institute

Linden Labs

Lloyds TSB Bank

London Stock Exchange


Mobilis Healthcare

Morgan Stanley




Planning Commission, Government of India

Procter & Gamble


Royal Bank of Scotland




Standard & Poors

STIC Investments

The Place Group

The Prince's Trust

The Walt Disney Company

United Nations

Vanguard Investments




Williams F1

World Bank





Project Timelines

See below for typical industrial placement and strategic consulting project timescales:


Industrial Placements

Working with Undergraduate Students

Oxford University’s engineering and economics departments have combined with the Saïd Business School to offer a four-year Masters in Engineering (or Materials), Economics and Management. We attract some of the brightest applicants from around the world for this degree.

A 24-week period of industrial placement forms an integral part of the programme. The projects that students complete need to be discrete pieces of work of value to the sponsor, even if they form part of a larger project currently underway. A student could, for example, develop logistics models, project appraisal systems or accounting procedures.

How do Industrial Placements Work

E(M)EM students spend two-thirds of their time studying engineering. During Year 1, they take courses in engineering. During Year 2 and Year 3, they take courses in introductory micro- and macroeconomics, the organisation of production, and an introduction to management. During Year 4, their final year, students are expected to apply the knowledge they have already acquired in their first three years by undertaking a business assignment in the form of a project placement in industry for 24 weeks.

During the project placement, a student is employed by an organisation to undertake a specific project offered by the company for six months, starting early in July. When the students return to the University at the beginning of January, they complete the theoretical part of their studies in management and economics and an advanced option paper in engineering. The Masters degree is awarded for the successful completion of all degree requirements, including the project.

Getting your Organisation Involved

Projects may be initiated in three different ways. Your organisation can initiate a specific project placement:

  • Your organisation expresses an interest in partnering the School by agreeing to submit a project brief
  • After receipt of the project brief, the Projects Office will confirm to the organisation that the brief conforms to the requirements of the E(M)EM course
  • The School will send the organisation a number of CVs of selected E(M)EM students whom they have identified as suitable given the skills set requested by the company for the project
  • The organisation will interview the students and select its preferred candidate
  • The organisation will make an offer to the student to undertake the project. Once this offer has been made, employment agreements can be signed and the organisation will be informed of the name of the academic supervisor. The Projects Office is available to co-ordinate any further specific arrangements.

Or, your organisation can initiate a generic project placement:

  • Your organisation requests/is sent CVs of possible students for project placements/internships
  • Your organisation makes an offer to a student for a six-month internship and an employment contract
  • The student will ask the Projects Office to contact the Company to request a project brief form to be completed
  • Once agreement has been reached on the project’s suitability, the student is given the go-ahead to sign the contract of employment.

Also, a project placement can be initiated externally:

  • A student or the Projects Office can proactively approach a company to discuss the possibility of one or more project placements. In this situation there is flexibility in the system to allow negotiations to take place depending upon the internal structure of the organisation.

Previous Industrial Placements

Activemedia Technology Allied Irish Banks Atkins
Bank of America Barclays Capital BNP Paribas
Cazemove Capital Management Citigroup Deutsche Bank
European Space Agency European Bank for Reconstuction and Development Hang Seng Bank
HSBC Bank Infineon Intel
Kelman Lafarge Roofing Liberty Ermitage
Ofcom Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust  Oxfordshire County Council
Private Banking Index Procter and Gamble Shooter Fund Management 
Sloane Robinson Investment Management UBS Vitec Group