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We are not just 'at' Oxford, but an integral part of Oxford University. Compared with other business schools that are not part of a university, or one affiliated in name only, we are embedded within Oxford University. You will see this often when you are sitting at a College dinner next to someone who studies history and you are explaining business to them, or in lectures, classes, or our online problem solving environment and you’re listening to, and engaging with, an expert in law, economics, sociology, international relations, politics or health.

Our embeddedness within the University of Oxford can be seen in both formal and informal ways. Our successful programmes run with the Economics and Law faculties, and with the Oxford Man Institute, which bring together researchers from business, economics, maths, and computer science is one example of formal collaboration. Our Oxford 1+1 MBA programme which allows students to create a customised course of study that combines business with a second Oxford masters programme such as environmental studies, education, or computer science, is another. Other connections with the University are less formal, such as the mixing that takes place among aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs from around the campus in our entrepreneurship hub, the shared interests that come together through University societies or sports activities and college life.

The problems and opportunities facing business and society are large and complex, and by teaming up with functional specialists from around the University, we can gain greater insights into issues such as the politics of global business, the regulation of the financial service sector, the rise of science entrepreneurship, and the management of innovation.

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