Social media

Social media is the common term that describes social networking through websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In recent years, the term is used to also include other types of activity undertaken through a specific platform. Forums, microblogging, and Google+, for example, all allow users to generate content based on individual preferences on how they want to use the site.

Social media is becoming more integral to daily life, which creates enormous changes in the way marketers operate. Social media analytics is playing an important part in measuring customer sentiment to allow marketers to place ads and services in front of consumers. 

Current research

Andrew Stephen, L’Oréal Professor of Marketing is researching how firms should transform their marketing practices to be more agile and effective in increasingly ‘digitised’ markets.

Andrew also leads the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, which brings together academics with high-level industry partners to discuss, debate and address the future of marketing in our increasingly complex digitised world. 

Rhonda Hadi, Associate Professor of Marketing is researching how new technologies might be systematically influencing various consequential consumer behaviours. Some of the technologies being explored include wearable computing, haptic feedback in mobile phones, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.