FinTech, RegTech and PropTech

Financial technology, or FinTech, is closely linked to regulatory technology (RegTech), which addresses regulatory challenges within the financial services sector.

The FinTech sector has seen dramatic growth in recent years with start-ups providing the sector with decentralised methods of providing banking services. RegTech has become important in providing the regulatory systems necessary for this growing financial sector.  

PropTech came from FinTech and looks at the expansive network of property technology and the dramatic changes taking place in this area. PropTech is opening doors within the industry, one which has typically lacked diversity.   

Current research

Current research in the fields of FinTech and RegTech, undertaken by Thomas Hellman, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, focuses on entrepreneurship: specifically how digital entrepreneurs in two sectors are creating new ventures that are financed through crowdfunding.

Andrew Baum, Professor of Practice, researches cross-border real estate investment, innovation, emerging markets and property funds. Andrew recently released PropTech 3.0, a ground-breaking report detailing the dramatic changes facing the real estate industry. 

Nir Vulkan, Associate Professor of Business Economics, currently researches the use of technological ‘agents’ in e-commerce, which enable consumers to conduct automated comparisons, and sellers to access visitors background information.