This primarily relates to the technologies, processes and controls used to protect networks and ‘connected devices’ from cyber-attacks. 

Effective use of cybersecurity reduces the risk of an attack. Recently, the type of attack and the methods are becoming increasingly complex and organised, meaning cybersecurity is constantly evolving to manage the next wave.

High profile cases are regularly reported, for example many online transactions today are fraudulent. 

Current research

Current research by Sadie Creese, Professor of Cybersecurity at the Department of Computer Science includes threat modeling and detection. Sadie also investigates how public and private sector stakeholders can detect and identify cybersecurity threats in advance.

Doctoral candidate from the Department of Computer Science Olusola Akinrolabu is working with Steve New, Associate Professor in Operations Management and Andrew Martin, Professor of Systems Security at Computer Science, on cloud computing cybersecurity. They are investigating the ways in which the hidden 'supply chain' of online services used to deliver cloud services can be analysed and the cybersecurity risks quantified.