The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd

Family ownership and corporate purpose

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A unique platform to gauge the impact of the family business on society, including its impact on inequality, quality growth, and shared prosperity.

Examining family ownership and corporate purpose

Our work explores how family and private ownership relate to the endurance, value, and conduct of corporations, funded by the Ford Foundation.

For both the Ford Foundation and Oxford Saïd, this work forms part of a wider set of activities investigating ideas of ‘inclusive capitalism.’ As such, this programme is focussed on how family and private businesses can add unique value to the economies, markets, and societies in which they operate.

Our research extends to the mechanisms by which both financial and non-financial objectives are embedded into firms, as well as the interface between individual and organisational purpose. We are particularly attentive to these issues in times of corporate transition (such as restructuring or reorganisation) and instances of transfer and change, including the engagement of next generations. Family and private firms across a range of global regions and sectors will be given the opportunity to engage with our research.

The project’s Principal Investigators are Professor Colin Mayer CBE and Dean Professor Peter Tufano. The programme is directed by Dr Mary Johnstone-Louis.

Research reports

In Pursuit of Inclusive Capitalism

Shareholders are one part of the economy only; stakeholders are the economy.

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Advisory Councils

Walkways in Business School

Academic and business leaders from across the global family business community support the translation of our research into impact

Our experts use their knowledge and expertise to advise, guide and challenge our methods, and observations to ensure the enduring benefit of our outputs both to their businesses and to society at large. They actively support us in disseminating the results through their professional networks.

External partnerships

We are partnered with networks dedicated to the examination of business and its leadership, through initiatives that will redefine the purpose of the 21st century firm.

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