Responsible business research

Large research projects

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Whatever an organisation’s form, there is always a way to embed purpose

Individual external sponsors enable large research projects at Oxford Said to engage with multiple corporate partners, in order to conduct research under specific themes. This cluster of Responsible business research projects examines purpose through differing lenses, deepening our understanding of what business is, and what business should be, over the coming decades.


Impact Finance

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The Oxford Impact Finance project aims to be the premier research, teaching and practice hub on impact finance in the world.

 By continuing to be a leader in the space, the team seek to fuel the impact finance movement and shape the development of the field to create prosperity for all, forever.

Systems Change

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Analysis and action for impact, sustainability and resilience

‘Systems Change’ is a broad term with a rich and varied history of usages, and which engages a variety of approaches. Today, this term and associated practices focus on a way to think and act on broad societal challenges across sectors and policy domains. 

With the ambition of addressing issues of great relevance for academics and practitioners, academics at Saïd Business School have attempted to systematically map and understand the viable pathways to drive positive systems change through research, teaching and wider engagement.

The Future of Corporate Reporting

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Setting Standards for Non-Financial Reporting

In a world of planetary boundaries and growing social inequality, a silent corporate reporting revolution is underway. For environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, there is nothing as yet comparable to the financial reporting standards of the FASB and IASB. We seek to explore and shape the future of non-financial reporting.