Anticipating and preparing for cyber-attacks

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Call for participants

Cyber-attacks threaten organisational structures, processes and performance, and can annihilate years of strategic investment.

In recent years cyber-attacks on organisations have increased in number and scale. Outbreaks have affected organisations around the globe and paralysed the operations of even the largest firms.

As part of our research project, Anticipating and Preparing for Cyber-Attacks, we are looking to interview managers within organisations that have experienced cyber-attacks. Our aim is to understand how organisations prepare for such attacks, in order to identify the enablers and barriers to successful preparation and to show how organisations can improve preparation for future cyber-attacks. We are offering an exclusive presentation of our findings, and early access to our report documenting our comparative findings, to organisations that participate in the project.

We offer full confidentiality. We will not refer to organisations or individuals by name in outputs so that participants cannot be linked in any way to our research or findings. Interview data will only be available to the three main researchers.

If your organisation has experienced a cyber-attack (or you know managers in organisations that have), and would like to know more, please contact us. We are happy to speak with you informally and in full anonymity and confidentiality about our research.

Call for participants: Anticipating and preparing for cyber attacks