Oxford Saïd conference on Professional Service Firms


This conference takes place annually and is a partnership between Saïd Business School and the Journal of Professions and Organization.

In 2021, the conference aimed to examine how we can manage integration, integrity and Identity at the boundaries of professional practice.

The role of professionals in service delivery is increasingly shifting from 'expert' to 'orchestrator.' They are advising from within the boundaries of their technical expertise and integrating across disciplinary, organisational, technological and jurisdictional boundaries. Add to that the additional pressures of work-life ‘integration’ and remote working that the COVID-19 pandemic has produced and it is evident how – across all these trends – efforts of integration also produce challenges of integrity and identity for professionals, the organisations that employ them and the institutions that regulate them.

The Journal of Professions and Organization

The conference is a partnership between Oxford Saïd and the Journal of Professions and Organization.

The Journal of Professions and Organization (JPO) was launched in 2013 by Oxford University Press to further research on professionals and their organisations. Each year the Professional Service Firm Hub at Oxford sponsors the JPO Best Paper Award; winners are recognised during a short ceremony at the conference.