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OXIRM undertakes both commissioned and public domain research with direct relevance to practitioners but which draws upon rigorous academic thinking.

The main themes of research relate to those external influences affecting the retail industry, and below we provide some examples of our work in each of these areas.

Analysis of international retail performance

Our most recent work on international retail performance has focused on generating realistic scenarios for the future development of a consumer society in India, especially in relation to the public policy and economic impacts on both the retail sector and consumer goods industries.

Retailing, marketing and technology

Our latest project in this area looks at the interactions between customer experience, business models and new technology which requires retailers to look beyond a multichannel mindset.

Planning, location and development for retailing

We have had a longstanding interest in the impact of new forms of retail development and in the planning & policy environment for the sector worldwide. Our most recent project for ESRC addressed the changing geography of UK High Streets.

Supply chain management

A supply chain that is sustainable financially, environmentally and socially should continue to promote good economic growth without a disproportionate increase in the amount of distribution traffic. Our interest in this area lies primarily in the areas of supply chain monitoring systems, supply chain resilience, and future trends.     

Retail marketing and the changing consumer 

Our engagement as co-investigators in ESRC's £7.9mn Consumer Data Research Centre project, with collaborators in UCL and the University of Liverpool, is a direct consequence of our interest and expertise in big data as it informs retailers' strategic decision-making.

Retail innovation and entrepreneurship

We have a particular interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in retailing. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the retail sector. Innovation in retailing is different and distinctive from that which takes place within conventional production companies - but is also more than simply service innovation. Our work here has ranged from developing the concept of value-driven service innovation with colleagues from BI-Oslo and Berkeley, to the provision of expert advice to the European Commission on the characteristcis and drivers of, and barriers to, retail innovation across Europe.