The Oxford Seed Fund Investments

Portfolio Companies

Since the Seed Fund's creation, we have invested in a variety of ventures ranging in industry

ACE (Analyst Consensus Estimates)

A digital platform that delivers proprietary information about market expectations for publicly traded companies.

BioMe Oxford Ltd

A small ingestible gut sampling device, created to solve a previously unmet clinical need: being able to sample targeted locations within the human gut. 

Car Quids

An online platform that connects private car owners with advertisers, enabling brands to advertise on personal vehicles across the country.


 A standalone product named Quill, which offers online fraud protection utilising machine learning to assess over 200 data points of passive biometric data.


 Provides organisations with a simple and effective software platform for training their staff, students, volunteers and other affiliates.


An online education provider specialising in the teaching of humanities in schools.


A collaborative social planning app, which provides a fun way for friends to instantly plan and coordinate spontaneous gatherings and to discover great local options to hang out somewhere that suits their mood.


Onfido offers a digital platform that provides a verification and referencing system for employers and HR departments.


OXHEX is developing the first custom made helmet using 3D printing.

Sanctum Technologies

The leader in adaptive noise cancellation ​hardware for commercial aircraft.


An innovative pledge-based system for booking music gigs and concerts.


A premium consumer goods business and producer of UPROSAimages, an image-licensing platform that aims to provide a 'one-stop shop' for scientific imagery by consolidating, connecting and commercialising thousands of loosely managed image banks, creating a 'Getty Images' for science.


A blockchain based document collaboration and workflow management platform that allows pharmaceutical supply chain companies to communicate sensitive documents and work together with their customers, suppliers and partners with greater efficiency, security, and auditability.