Skoll Centre Fellows


Recognising impact-driven faculty and researchers at the University of Oxford.

Introducing our inaugural cohort of Skoll Centre Fellows, a group of impact-driven faculty and researchers at the University of Oxford. They join the Centre’s rich community of social impact researchers and practitioners. This cohort focuses on the Saïd Business School research community, but this will expand in future years.  

Current Fellows

What they're working on...

Learn more about the recent work of our current Fellows.

Bridget Kustin and Professor Marya Besharov are co-leading the Ownership Project 2.0, a new research initiative with £1.5 million founding support from NextWorld Philanthropies. The initiative will develop actionable, research-based insights into how private capital owners can leverage their wealth to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor Paulo Savaget and Professor Marc Ventresca worked with Professor Marya Besharov, and Jessica Jacobson on the first Skoll Centre Working Paper: Unpacking Systems Change Philanthropy: Five Alternative Models (September 2022). Based on research by the Systems Change Observatory, the paper takes stock of how philanthropic funders in the social impact sector conceptualise ‘systems change,’ categorising these into five dominant models, with different impact timelines, implicit assumptions and modes of intervention.