Creating the Systems Change Observatory

Virtual work that links together to curved lines. Has text overlay "Finding clarity in the complex"

Launched in early 2019, the Systems Change Observatory is our first major research project.

We’re using our unique position at the crossroads of theory and practice to deeply understand systems change, and the best practices, actors and tools that our community can use to address today’s complex social and environmental challenges.

Led by Principal Investigator, Marc Ventresca, we have made great strides towards laying solid foundations and making important connections for the projects, including:

  • Reviewing practitioner-focused literature on systems change
  • Identifying a research agenda that addresses practitioners’ concerns and is academically rigorous
  • Identifying the specific data sources from the Skoll Foundation’s Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Working out which key variables we need to make the data usefully interrogatable

The Observatory will be a hub for local and international experts, practitioners and research centres too, creating a thriving community of people interested in making social impact through a programme of engaging research insights, events and workshops.

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